A Freshly Baked Website: Unveiling Our Sweet New Look!

A Freshly Baked Website: Unveiling Our Sweet New Look!

Get ready to sink your teeth into something delightful! We're chomping at the bit to announce the launch of our completely revamped website. We've been busy whisking and mixing, not just in the kitchen, but also behind the scenes, to create a website that's as user-friendly and delicious as our cookies themselves.

What's New and Improved?

  • Seamless Navigation: We've streamlined the entire browsing experience, making it a breeze to explore our cookie creations, customize your order, and checkout in a snap.
  • Crystal Clear Pricing: No more cookie math required! We understand the struggle of figuring out per-cookie prices. Now, you'll see the price per cookie displayed upfront with any bulk discounts, all before adding anything to your cart.
  • Logo Love in Real-Time: Want to see your logo magically transformed into a scrumptious cookie? Our innovative website lets you upload your logo and see a live preview of it on the actual cookie design. 
  • Review Powerhouse: We're bursting with pride over the incredible feedback we've received from our amazing customers, and we want you to hear it all! All our customer reviews are now conveniently displayed on the website, so you can see what our satisfied cookie connoisseurs are saying.
  • A Taste of Sweetness (Literally!): Curious about our deliciousness firsthand? We're excited to introduce our new free sample cookie option! You simply cover the shipping cost, and we'll send you a delectable sample to tantalize your taste buds. Note: one per customer. https://merrygosweets.com/products/sample-cookie

But wait, there's more! Behind the scenes, we've also made some improvements to enhance your experience, including faster loading times and a mobile-friendly design for on-the-go cookie cravings.

We're confident that these changes will make designing your dream custom cookies easier and more enjoyable than ever before. So head over to our brand new website today, and let your creative cookie spirit run wild!

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