How We Do Our Part

Merry Go Sweets is proud to donate thousands of cookies from our bakery every year to a wonderful organization called Birthday Wishes in Natick, Massachusetts Your purchase helps make a difference in the lives of homeless children and their families by bringing them the joy of a birthday party. Our cookies are included in the birthday parties that provide the opportunity for reflection, celebration, and hope. They are a common event in the lives of most families, but for children experiencing homelessness, families may be unable to maintain their routines and rituals.


   too good to go    

We love to do our part in helping to eliminate food waste. At the Merry Go Sweets cookie bakery, we want our cookies to be as perfect as possible for your event or gift as handmade could be. So when a cookie comes out less than perfect but still delicious, we have a problem. That's why we teamed up with Too Good To Go. Too Good To Go is the app that lets you rescue unsold food at your favorite bakeries, restaurants and food establishments from an untimely fate. Our Too Good To Go cookies may have a misprint, be slightly overbaked or broken but they're still tasty. It's a great way to also sample our cookies before buying.