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Near And Dear To My Heart...

I came across this post on my friend's Facebook page and thought it was appropriate to add here since my son has autism. What do you think? Do you know a child who struggles at school?

When you have a "typical" child, you feel reasonably assured that class participation and decent study habits will result in good grades. These kids have close friends. They get invited to participate in social things like dances and weekend gatherings. They make the teams and clubs.

But when you have a child with certain differences, this is often not the case. Learning may take longer, both academically and socially. Despite their tremendous efforts, results are often a fraction of their peers and social acceptance is fleeting, setting them up for painful comparisons and bitter frustration. Instead of a fun and fulfilling experience, school can become a breeding ground for depression and anxiety. It is exhausting for parent and child alike.

This is the week of SPED (Special Education), Autism, Dyslexia, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) awareness.

For all the children who struggle every day to succeed in a world that does not recognize their gifts and talents, and for those who are walking beside them, please let this be a gentle reminder to be kind and accepting of ALL people.

Recognize that the "playing field" is not always a level surface. Children who learn differently are not weird. They are merely gifted in ways that our society does not value. Yet they want what everyone else wants: To be accepted.

If you choose, please copy and paste this in honor of all children who are deemed "different". Our world would be far less beautiful....

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I also run a small bakery, focusing mostly in crazy novelty cakes though. My son is ‘different’ as well. Autism is just one of his issues. This was a great article and reflects the everyday battle we face fairly well. Thank you for posting! Good luck on all you do and God bless!

Lynda Hyland

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