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Staples Is All About Connecting

It's a new year and boy is off to a spectacular start. Why? Well, when you make about 800 logo cookies for a big client's launch, you can't help but feel its the start of a great year ahead.

Speaking of great starts; Staples is redefining retailing with their new Staples Connect, a retail store that focuses on coworking and podcasting as well as providing community spaces where students, teachers, and professionals, connect and grow together.

To celebrate the official grand opening, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the newly modified stores at 4 Boston locations today including Downtown Boston, Cambridge, Needham, Brighton, Danvers, and Somerville.

Can you guess the company supplying fresh and wonderfully baked logo cookies for the launch? Yes, it's us. I was pretty delighted when Merry Go Sweets got contracted to provide logo cookies for Staples' launch - it isn't our biggest yet, but, undoubtedly, right up there. Here's a sneak peek of the cookies in case you missed the launch.

Looks appealing right? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

With this initiative, Staples is building more than a place to purchase office supplies. Staples Connect offers customer-focused solutions and experiences, with learning opportunities available for professionals, teachers, and students. "We recognize that the way people shop is changing, and with the launch of Staples Connect we are adapting to fit the needs of our customers," said Mike Motz, CEO, Staples US Retail.

Take a look at some photos from the store in Boston and I think you'll agree it looks like a great place to connect with colleagues and be productive.



We'd like to thank Staples for choosing Merry Go Sweets for their logo cookies. It was a pleasure to make them for such an important event!

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